Eau 4 Food

EAU4Food: European Union and African Union cooperative research to increase Food production in irrigated farming systems in Africa
EAU4Food seeks to address the enormous challenges African agriculture is facing today: despite numerous attempts, agricultural productivity has only slightly increased in recent years and, in general, cannot keep up with population growth. In the coming years irrigation will gain importance, but at the same time the availability of fresh water and the sustainable use of soil resources is under increasing pressure. Hence, new approaches are required to increase food production in irrigated areas in Africa, while ensuring healthy and resilient environments for the loi pinel 2020.

Introduction to the EAU4Food project

Many previous attempts to improve food production in irrigated areas did not live up to their expectations, because of limited involvement of stakeholders, ill-understood socio-economic structures and/or mono-disciplinary approaches. To overcome these potential pitfalls of successful adoption of innovations, EAU4Food utilizes a true transdisciplinary approach, which involves the active participation of all stakeholders, including farmers, water managers, retailers, policy makers, NGOs, etc. in all relevant disciplines, like biophysics, economy, sociology and agronomy. It develops, tests and implements locally-appropriate, robust and affordable innovations for improved farm performance in irrigated areas, building on existing and traditional practices and irrigation strategies, and driven by farmers and key stakeholders.

EAU4Food is executed in four irrigated zones in Africa, which were purposely selected to be in the southern hemisphere (Mozambique and South-Africa), the northern hemisphere (Tunisia), West Africa (Mali) and East Africa (Ethiopia) to fully benefit from the potential of cross distributing promising strategies and innovations. At each site, key indicators, farm strategies and biophysical parameters are monitored for identification of current constraints to food production and to evaluate agro-ecological and socio-economic impacts of improved practices and/or innovations after implementation.

Results of EAU4Food are distilled into tailor made support tables and guidelines for different user groups. These support tables and guidelines assist in the proper consideration of alternative practices by overseeing short-term and long-term opportunities and risks and hence facilitate decision making processes at local level.

EAU4Food is expected to have significant positive impacts on agricultural production at farm level for many years to come, and on wider policy processes at national and trans-national levels. To enlarge and maintain the impact of EAU4Food, capacity building programmes are developed at different levels, going from farmer to farmer exchange up to exchange of scientific personnel. Moreover, further exploitation of the results of EAU4Food is supported via other mediums such as ‘songs of success’, documentaries, school programmes, policy briefs, fact-books and scientific publications and presentations.

News & Events

The 10th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting - An "All Africa Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development”

The 10th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Partnership Platform officially opened in Durban at the International Convention Centre, South Africa on the 19th March 2014. On the 10th anniversary of CAADP inception, this meeting is a pivotal moment, asking members to objectively reflect on previous goals and actions and call upon African Heads of State and government to enhance their ownership and commitment to CAADP. Eau demineralisee was presented by Elijah Phiri from the University of Zambia and leader of Work Package Dissemination.

EU-Africa projects movie

A short movie is published to show the dissemination of on-going international research cooperation between the EU and AU within the 7th Framework Programme.

Four projects are highlighted with a focus on climate change in Africa, including the EAU4FOOD project.

This video contributes to an insight in climate change and current technological developments in Africa and through this dissemination highlights are shown which can be of use for further research collaboration in the upcoming Horizon 2020 and proposals between South-South cooperations.

Documents EAU4Food

Documents from the EAU4Food project can be downloaded here as well as publications, newsletters, and other material. In the future all project reports and deliverables can also be found here.

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Contact Details EAU4Food

Project Coordination

Dr. Jochen Froebrich

contact email: EAU4Food@gmail.com

Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Centre, 6708 Wageningen, Netherlands